About Me

In a career that has spanned over 23 years, Alexandru Abagiu has worked in fashion and beauty with the skills and stencils of a painter and the sensibility of a true artist. By masterminding beauty editorials that are truly breathtaking he won several awards in the beauty industry and he was named by Makeup Artist Magazine in America one of the best makeup artists in Europe

His work has regularly featured in countless ad campaigns for big names like Coca Cola and Pepsi  not forgetting of course various Elle publications all over the world. Constantly pushing boundaries Alexandru works with leading photographers, fashion and hair stylists to create images and films that are timeless and iconic. He worked within the Cannes film Festival for 10 years as makeup artist of the stars.

Presently he is the official makeup artist of Lancome Paris in his origin country, Romania and he is travelling all over the world to work with beauty industry’s best.
A true master of colour and technique, Alexandru Abagiu has carved his name in beauty industry.

“As a makeup artist, I personally believe that makeup has no rules, and creativity has no walls or boundaries. I think that professionals in the industry can get too caught up in being an “expert” and forget that it’s all about vision, art, and most importantly, inner and outer beauty.

It is about making women feel beautiful and bringing out their inner confidence. I always believed women want both glamour and practicality in their lives and their makeup. True art is one that is simple and easy and effectively reveals self-expression.

A face is not a blank canvas… It has its own story, geography, and its own unique qualities that make’s us special. There is beauty in everyone, and a face can be so magical because it has so many possibilities to change and show your personality. For a face to become exquisite, we must work with those attributes, and with the face’s own colors, contrast’s and features.

This way the face stays clean, natural looking, and it can be raised to its maximum potential of beauty. There are many techniques and tricks that an artist use’s to achieve the desired look. It can be overwhelming for an inexperienced woman, but if she is willing to let go of her inhibitions and start to explore, she might discover that her face is her own personal canvas that she can create anything she wants. After all, it is only make-up and it can always be removed! Just play and let your inner artist come through! You might be surprised to see a new you appear. It’s all in your wish to self-explore, to try something new, to rediscover yourself.I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am just a grown up child, playing with expensive face paint…”

Alexandru Abagiu, National Makeup Artist Lancome Paris